7 Tips For Planning the Perfect Family Summer Camping Trip

The vast majority of campers took their first camping trip before their 15th birthday. For those who hadn’t taken a camping trip before age 15, the chances of them ever experiencing the joys of an overnight wilderness getaway were slim. Have your kids been exposed to the unique joys of living out of doors yet? […]

10 Little-Known Facts About Paris

Paris, the City of Light. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t fallen in love with everything this gorgeous city has to offer. Even though this is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world, Paris holds a lot of mystery. Here are 10 facts you definitely didn’t know about the […]

Motor Coaches, Vans and Limos Transportation for the New Millennium

What do airport shuttle services, town cars, motor coaches, and van, sedan and limousine services have in common? They all make it possible for you to travel in luxurious comfort, and they’re good for the environment. Whether you’re looking for transportation to the airport or a multi day bus tour, ground transportation companies can find […]

7 Camping Essentials to Make Your Camping Experience the Best Ever

If cabin rentals are not your idea of camping, you are not alone. Camping is an activity many Americans love to partake in. In fact, in 2013, 14% of Americans over the age of six participated in camping. For the 43% of campers who like to plan their trips at least a month in advance, […]

What to Expect When You Charter a Private Jet

Aircraft charter services are taking off in terms of popularity (pun intended). Currently, there are over 2,100 charter plane service providers in the United States. The most popular business private jet model, the Cessna Citation Excel, made 144,302 flights in one year alone. It’s no surprise since private jet travel is more convenient, comfortable, and […]

Spring Break Y’all! Things to do in Myrtle Beach

As far as American vacation spots go, you can’t get much better than areas like Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. And these areas aren’t just popular summer destinations — they’re also packed with springtime vacationers come March and April. In the springtime, there are a plethora of activities to partake in and things to […]

Living the High Life Charter Travel Above the Clouds

Everybody has somewhere to go, and most of us want to get there as quickly and as comfortably as possible, not to mention safely. Often times, especially when that mode of travel is flight, at least one of those preferences gets forsaken for one of the others. Perhaps there isn’t a direct flight and your […]

philadelphia segway tours

Your Top Questions About Philadelphia Segway Tours, Answered

There are plenty of great ways to see all the beautiful and historic sites of Philadelphia, including both Philadelphia bus tours and Constitutional walking tours focusing on Philadelphia’s role in the founding of America. But if you’re looking for something somewhere in between, then one of several Philadelphia Segway tours might be your best bet. […]