What Should You Do When Visiting Wilmington?

With so many people being cooped up these past few years, it’s no surprise that travel is back on everybody’s minds this summer. Travelling around the United States is one of the most popular things on many people’s summer checklists, and airbnbs are being booked out months to years in advance. If you aren’t sure where you should take your family this summer, take a look at the Northeast states! In this informative video, we will take a look at some of the fun things you can do when visiting Wilmington DE. Let’s get started!

Wilmington is one of the qunatest, cutest towns you will come across in the state of Delaware. The main streets are lined with different-colored houses, along with historic building that give the town an air of timelessness.

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You will find several historical museums north of the downtown market street, as well as the grand opera house. If you are looking for more nature in your Delaware trip, take a walk down to Brandywine River. You can find waterfalls, hiking trails, and beautiful sights here! Finally, stop by Deco for the ultimate food and shopping experience!