The Best Places to Have Your Birthday in Philadelphia

If your birthday is coming up, celebrate it to the fullest extent! Throw a party and invite all of your loved ones over. You deserve it. It’s the one day a year where you can spoil yourself and make the day all about you and your interests. If you’re feeling uninspired, here are a few ideas to get you started. These are some of the best places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party!

Consider Going to Some of Philly’s Best Movie Theaters

Are you a movie buff? If so, invite some friends to one of the many movie theatres that Philly has to offer. If you want to treat yourself since it’s your birthday, get a large popcorn, and some of your favorite movie theatre candy.

You can also replicate the experience at home. Purchase an outdoor projector. You can also ask a loved one for a projector as a gift. Set it up in the backyard and have your friends and family stop by with gifts and birthday cake!

Go Camping

Are you feeling outdoorsy? If so, consider going camping for your birthday. There are various campsites near Philly. Camping at one of these sites will make you forget that you’re near the city.

Some of the best camping spots that you can hit up include:

  • French Creek State Park
  • Ricketts Glen State Park
  • Wharton State Forrest

Visit One of Philly’s Best Tattoo Shops to Get Inked Up

Philadelphia is also home to some of the most creative tattoo artists. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your tenth, they can guarantee a piece of artwork on your body. Ask your friends to tag along to the tattoo shop and go out for a nice dinner afterward.


If you have a sweet tooth, consider taking your birthday party somewhere where you can give in to those sweet cravings. Philly is also home to some phenomenal bakeries too!

This is one of the places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party.

Go to a Music Festival

There are also some pretty sweet festivals in Philly. If your birthday happens to fall around that time of year, buy yourself an all access pass and enjoy a variety of different artists. This is also a great way to bond with your current friends and make new ones!

The Made in America music festival is usually held around Labor Day weekend. So count yourself lucky if your birthday falls around this time of the year. Aside from music, there’s also carnival games, food, and lots of fun! Invite all of your friends and family and enjoy the evening together.

Attend a Video Game Convention

If the music scene is not your crowd, consider attending another event around your birthday. Go to some of Philly’s top gaming or comic book conventions. You can dress up, geek out, and enjoy being yourself for the entire weekend. Talk someone’s ear off about your extensive knowledge of superhero movies, or brag amount your latest comic. Nonetheless, you will feel at home. You will also feel celebrated for your interests, which is perfect as it is your birthday.

Go See a Wrestling Match

Philly also has an active wresting scene, making a match one of the best places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party.

You can also learn how to wrestle at one of these famous rinks! Take the Wrestle Factory, for instance. Their passion is the sport, and they have some of the top trainers in the business!

Volunteer With Animals

If you want to spend your birthday giving back to the community, visiting an animal shelter is one of the best places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party.

Many people don’t enjoy the attention they get on their birthday. They’d rather focus their time and energy on helping someone in need. Animals in shelters throughout Philly are always in need of some companionship. And who knows? You may end up leaving the shelter with a new furry friend!

Some of the top animal shelters in Philly include:

  • Morris Animal Refuge
  • ACCT
  • Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society

Have a Small Party at a Coffee House

Do you find that you’re addicted to the rich aroma and taste of a cup of coffee? A lot of people are!

Therefore, consider having a small party at one of the places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party. A coffee shop. It does not have to be anything extravagant. This is a good idea if you are more low-key. Bring a few friends, money for a few cups of coffee, and your favorite book. You’ll be highly caffeinated, but in great company in one of the best cities in the United States!

Take a Cooking Class on Your Birthday

Want to know one of the best places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party?

Contact a local chef and ask them to host a cooking class at their restaurant. This idea will require a bit of effort. However, it is worth it! It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you will not regret whatsoever!

Book a Hotel for the Weekend

If you like to party and drink, book a hotel for the entire weekend. You won’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the law. If you stay at a hotel, no one will be tempted to drink and drive.

Since Philly is home to some classy hotels, this idea will introduce you to some of the best places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party. Tell your friends to bring their best clothes, but also a pair of pajamas. This is one of the luxuries of partying in a Philly hotel. You can party with your friends from the moment the sun rises until it falls again!

Keep Things Casual at Home

If you don’t have time to plan a party, the least you can do is order custom order birthday shirts! This requires little to no effort, but still alerts others that today is your special day. Stay home and lounge around in your new t-shirt. Sometimes, one of the best places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party is at home! Who would have thought!

Take a Nice Drive Around Town in a Luxury Car

If you want to see all the amazing sights that Philly has to offer, consider renting your dream car through a luxury car rental company. You can show off to everyone at the club in style.

Take a Roadtrip Across Philly

Speaking of cars, you can also take a long drive across Pennsylvania and through Philly.

Mix and Match

Let’s say you can’t decide on what to do once your birthday comes around. With so many places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party, it’s hard to make up your mind. They all sound wonderful, and you don’t want to miss out!

You can either extend your birthday so that it goes through the weekend. This allows you to cram in as much fun partying as possible. You can also mix and match events. Pet shelter puppies in the morning, go for pizza in the afternoon and wrap the night up on a party bus.

Backyard Party

If you live in Philly, but want to have a smaller party with less planning involved, consider planning a simple backyard party. If your guests are staying with you, check for bed bugs!

Salon Party

If you’re in the mood to get pampered and spoiled, then throw your party at a salon or spa. These establishments offer a variety of services created to help you unwind and relax.

For example, if you have been stressed lately, consider getting:

  • a manicure
  • a pedicure
  • a massage
  • a facial
  • cool sculpting
  • derma fillers
  • laser hair removal
  • highlights

Not only is this relaxing, but a spa is also one of the best places in Philedelphia to have a birthday party. Call the salon ahead of time to see if they can squeeze in a large party. When you’re feeling like the best version of yourself afterward, go out for a nice dinner. Philadelphia is also home to some phenomenal restaurants. Try pizza, or some Asian cuisine — whatever you’re in the mood for.

Going to a salon for your birthday is also a form of self care that will have you feeling better about yourself in no time!

Attend a Yoga Class on Your Birthday

Going to the salon isn’t the only way to relax. Did you know that a yoga session can also help you unwind from an incredibly stressful day? If you had a hard day before your birthday, pop in for a morning class. It’s a great idea to start your birthday on a positive and active note. This will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Philly is home to a variety of studios. Each one has a talented team of instructors that will help you develop a love for the practice! You’ll soon find that it will have you feeling whole again.

Bar Hop Around the City

For anyone that is 21 and up, consider bar-hopping through some of Philly’s hottest spots! The best places in Philadelphia to have a birthday are spread out, so you may need to rent a driver, limo, or take a party bus. Ensure none of your buddies have drug offenses before extending an invitation.

Get the Kids Involved

If you’re a parent with a birthday coming up, consider planning a birthday bash that also involves your kids. You won’t have to look for a sitter. Simply pick a child friendly activity. For example, some of the best spots in Philly for kids include outdoor parks, indoor trampoline parks, waterparks, and aquariums.

Go Listen to a Local Show

If your friends happen to bail on you, then consider going to see a show alone. There’s nothing wrong with spending your birthday alone. It can actually feel quite calming — especially if you have front row seats to see a fantastic local artist.

Pack an Outdoor Picnic for the Park

Going to a local park is another one of the best places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party. You can create your own menu, filled with all of your favorite foods. If you’re struggling to find inspiration, consider packing:

  • sandwiches
  • fruits
  • veggies
  • homemade pastries
  • baked bread
  • pasta
  • salad
  • greens with lemon juice
  • coffee
  • tea
  • candy


Birthday parties aren’t just for kids. After all, you are worth celebrating. Whether you want to have a small gettogether with a few close friends or a big extravagant party, use these ideas to help you plan the perfect party customized for your tastes. There many places in Philadelphia to have a birthday party that is unforgettable.