How to Move to Philadelphia

Are you ready to relocate to Philadelphia? Then you need to know how to move to Philadelphia. If you are taking steps to start a new life in Philadelphia following some simple tips can help you make the transition easier.

There are a lot of things to think of when you are considering how to move to Philadelphia, but with a little help, you will be on your way before you know it. Philadelphia has a lot to offer, learning how to move to Philadelphia can help you to enjoy all the benefits that this great city has.

Early Planning

If you have already found a job in Philadelphia and that is what is prompting your journey in learning how to move to Philadelphia, then you are already ahead of the game. If you do not, then start applying today.

Once you have a position waiting for you, then it is time to start thinking about where you will live. Right now is a great time to secure new home financing. The interest rates are historically low which means living in Philadelphia in your own home will be more affordable than ever.

There are plenty of older homes for sale in and around Philly which can be had a bargain price but you may have to do some upgrading or repairs to take advantage of the lower prices. Of course, before you buy you want to be sure that the house is worth the investment.

Any time you are considering buying a property, not just in Philadelphia, but anywhere, it is important that you check out the most important systems of the home thoroughly to ensure that you know what you are getting into. For example, a roof inspection is typically not part of the appraisal process, but a very necessary pre-home buying step.

how to move to philadelphia

You can contact roofing contractors and explain to them that you are considering buying a home and you need the roof to be inspected. They will provide you with a report about the roof that you can use as a negotiation tool. If the seller will not make the repairs, you can ask for a rebate at the closing table to cover the cost of repairs. Worst case scenario, the seller doesn’t budge at all on any negotiation, at least you will know what you will have to invest in roof repairs.

Be diligent in checking the other costly systems in the home as well. Will you have to deal with AC replacement? Cosmetic stuff is no big deal to address, but you do want to know what systems need attention and how much it will cost.

Keep an open mind when you are searching for a new home in Philly, but stay grounded. If you are relocating for a new job you do need to consider how much time you will have to dedicate to renovations. Many projects can wait like having new natural stone countertops installed.

Other projects like mold clean up cannot wait and will need to be addressed before you ever move in. Finding the balance between price and what needs to be done to make the property inhabitable is an important consideration.

While we are on the topic of buying a home in Philadelphia for your relocation, let’s briefly touch on some other things you will want to consider when buying. You should become familiar with the homeowners insurance policy requirements. They may differ from your current state. It is important that you understand what type of coverage is required and the cost differences.

Once you have settled on a place to live, it is time to contact moving companies and get some quotes. It is strongly suggested that you hire professional movers especially when you are relocating from out of state.

Why Rely on Moving Professionals?

One of the key pieces of advice about how to move to Philadelphia is to do what you can to make the move less stressful. If you are moving from out of state or even from the suburbs to the city, there will be a lot of changes that you will have to get used to.

Professional movers and packers can make life less hectic as you get ready for your move. Hiring professional movers will ensure that your goods are transported safely, and help you to stay focused on adjusting to your new life.

Moving from one state to another can be really stressful when you try to do everything on your own. By the time to you pay for a truck rental, find people to help you move, find people to help you load and unload, pack and unpack, you will be worn out.

It is best to hire professionals that have the experience that you need to ensure a smooth move. There are a lot of little details that need to be taken care of that can be difficult to focus on when you are spread thin. Let the professionals manage the physical move so you can handle all the details.

All the Details

Information is key when it comes to how to move to Philadelphia. The simple things like what electric company you will use, what cable company you will use, and what are the options, is relatively easy to find out, and it is all necessary information.

how to move to philadelphia

Of course, there are other things that you will need to know if you want to know how to move to Philadelphia and transition easily like:

  • Driving rules. In some places things like “right on red” are permitted, in other places, it is not. It is important that you become familiar with the rules of the road in Philly if you are going to be living there. You also need to look into the DMV requirements. In some places, you have about 6 months to switch your license and your license plates over once you become a resident. In other places, it is a longer period.
  • Local ordinances and rules. Get familiar with the local ordinances and rules that are unique to Philadelphia. Every city has requirements for the disposal of trash, noise ordinances, and more. You do not want to find that you are not in compliance because of ignorance. Ignorance of the law does not exempt you from having to follow the law.
  • Best places to shop, and the cost of living. A new city may mean new budgeting considerations. There is plenty of online information about grocery stores and costs, where to shop, and where to find the best deals.

Being fully prepared and knowing what to expect is the best way to get ready for how to move Philadelphia. Do your research. See if you can connect with community members in online discussion boards.

Packing Up Your Old Life

There will be some work that you need to get done to get rid of the old and start your new life. Arrange for things like carpet cleaning, and a move out clean early on. Whether you are selling your old home or vacating an apartment, you will need to make sure that the space is move-in ready for the new occupants.

Scheduling all the help that you will need early on will ensure that you are not stuck at the last minute trying to hire a cleaning company. Having all your ducks in a row and dealing with the arrangements early on, is vital to a smooth relocation. You do not want to have to worry about anything at your old place while you are trying to settle into your new place.

Raising Cash

One of the things a lot of people ask about how to move to Philadelphia is how they will raise the funds to make the move. There can be quite a few unforeseen expenses when it comes to moving. For example, paying security deposits for electricity, cable, wifi, and more can cost hundreds of dollars.

There are ways that you can build a bit of a nest egg for your move including:

  • Selling your car. Philadelphia has a public transportation system. If you need the money to move, you could sell your car, and depend on public transportation for a while until you can afford to buy a new one. Not only will selling your car to raise immediate funds, it will also help you to save on costs. No car equals no car insurance payments.
  • Sell your furniture and other goods. Sold your car and still short on cash? Sell furnishings you will not be using, sell clothing you no longer want, and sell other goods and items you do not want to take with you. You would be surprised by how much money you can raise.
  • Tap into lines of credit. While running up credit cards is not the ideal solution, it can be a good solution for paying security deposits on utilities, or even a month of rent upfront. It will help bridge the gap and give you the funding that you need to have your power turned on. If you are a believer that credit cards and other credit should only be used in an emergency, having electricity certainly can be considered an emergency.

One of the ways you can contain some of the costs is with early on pre-planning. Make a list of what you will need when you get to Philadelphia, then start making calls. For example, you know you will need electricity, which is rarely included with a lease cost. Call the electric company that serves your new area in Philadelphia and ask them what type of deposit, if any, is necessary. Also, ask about pay as you go options, and if there are any discounts offered. Some companies will offer discounts for public servants, teachers, and other professional groups. Ask about savings, it never hurts to ask.

Do the same with the cable company, internet companies, and other businesses that you will do business with. It is important to know what you are getting into so you can start budgeting months before you ever move.

how to move to philadelphia

How to Move to Philadelphia with Pets

If you are moving with your dog, cat, fish, bird, or other pet than you need to make some special considerations. Of course, finding a rental takes on a whole different approach when you are moving with pets. Most every rental that allows pets will require an additional pet deposit. You will have to budget for that.

Moving can be very stressful for pets. You will want to talk to your vet about any special steps you should take to make the transition easier for your pet. You will also want to consider:

  • How will you travel with your pet? Are you driving, will you need a kennel, cage or carrier? If you are driving you will need to ensure that you plan more stops, and have a freshwater supply available for your pet.
  • Are your pets shots up to date? Learn more about the requirements for shots in Philadelphia then make sure your pet has those vaccinations.
  • Get a copy of your pet’s health record from your vet. It is always best to have a hard copy of your pets health record when you are switching providers.

Before you move to Philly start searching for a vet for your pet, and touch base with them. It is always a good idea to reach out to a vet’s office before you move just so you can let them know you are coming and want to set up a well animal appointment.

How to Move to Philadelphia with Kids

Children add yet another dimension to your move. You will have to consider daycare or schools if they are old enough. Gathering all the information you need before the move will help the kid’s transition smoother.

Again, turn to the internet to learn more about their school or daycare setting, connect with other parents, and gather your information. Children do best when they know what to expect. Start talking to your children about the move as soon as you know you will be moving. Using age-appropriate language give them as many positive details as possible to help ease their fears. If you have any dangerous materials that need to get packed up, like firearms, be sure to keep them in secure locations where your kids can’t reach them. Even though you might have firearm training, a gun in the hands of someone young or inexperienced can have detrimental results.

how to move to philadelphia

Following a few simple suggestions that you found here can help you to make the move to Philadelphia great. How to move to Philadelphia is not as hard as you think. Good luck on your move to this historic city.