You Owe It to Yourself to Get Back to the Outdoors


Camping has been a national pastime since before baseball held the moniker. Taking our vacations outdoors is what connects us back the land. It connects us to who we are and how we are meant to interact with the rest of the planet.

In a recent survey, 99% of the campers who responded said that they would go again the nest year. It is a vacation the whole family can enjoy and it is some time away for someone who wants to just get away alone. Whatever the case may be, camping sure is as popular as it ever was.

Consumers continue to show the popularity of campgrounds and taking cabin rentals by the way they spend their money on gear. More than 1.5 billion dollars of American’s hard-earned money went to suppliers in the year 2014 alone. A good portion of the gear they bought were backpacks and sleeping bags.

There are plenty of places to go on a camping trip. Right now, there are 16,000 privately and publicly owned campgrounds. Many of them have special attractions like amusement parks close by so that there is a variety of activities from which to choose.

When they camp, campers make a stay of it. Whether they are camping in a tent, cabin, yurt, or RV, the average stay is 14.9 days. That means that people are often taking their entire two weeks vacation and spending it on the adventures that define childhoods and shape friendships for life.

All throughout the country, campgrounds offer their own unique experiences. Many people who like to camp in their RVs are retirees who have invested in their way to see the vast countryside. Spending days at a time at one location or only stopping only for one night as the try to travel across the nation in the years they have remaining, RVers can be a kind of camper all to themselves. But you will hardly ever meet one who isn’t the nicest person you’ll ever want to meet.

Camping puts you in a place where you can rest and relax from all of the stresses and strains of your daily life. During the day, maybe you would like to head down to the nearby water to throw the fishing pole in. Or, maybe you would like to simply read a book or lay out in the hammock. Whatever you desire, camping can bring you those good times. Those fun, relaxing times.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember just how lucky we are in this country. It is very vast and has many great wonders to behold. Where you think about what you might want to do with your family when you get your next vacation, take the time to explore camping. Because, with camping, it is never the same thing twice, and wherever you go camping, there you are.