What is a Philadelphia Duck Tour

Philadelphia is one of the most famous cities for tourists in the United States. Known for its connection to the American Revolution, the town is filled with historical landmarks, monuments, museums and other interesting attractions. However, thanks to the area’s local culture, it is also possible for visitors and residents to visit a haunted house in Philadelphia or check out local shopping opportunities as well. With so many options, there are a variety of constitutional walking tours, Philadelphia bus tours, and even Philadelphia Segway tours for those looking to see the sights. However, of these choices, there is none quite like a Philadelphia Duck Tour. Read on to learn why this touring option should be a part of your next trip to Philadelphia!

Philadelphia Duck Tours are the only tour in Philadelphia that takes place on both land and water. Taking place on a specially-designed vehicles, the duck tour first drives around the City of Brotherly Love, passing by a variety of historic attractions as the guide shares interesting stories about the area. Next, the vehicle will turn to the Delaware River, taking passengers for a short cruise. This option is a valuable one in a city that is famous for its plentiful landmarks and attractions, allowing visitors to see more of Philadelphia than they would on other tours.

Philadelphia Duck Tours are also more advantageous because of their set up: while bus tours only give you a brief glimpse of passing attractions and Segway tours can be physically precarious, Duck Tours are engaging, unique, and fun. They are also safe: the vessels, which use the latest in marine design and safety, are regularly inspected and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. As a result, Philadelphia Duck Tours are the perfect option for any group looking to experience the most the city has to offer in style and comfort. If you’re planning a trip to Philadelphia, add this to your itinerary today!


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